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13 Inspiring Life Lessons of 'Ganesha'

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Ganesha is universally known as remover of obstacles. It is known to bring in good luck and wisdom in one's life. And many begin the most important endeavors in their lives with Ganesha's blessing. Ganesha is one of the most well-known Hindu God. While the legendary story is enriching, with this blog, I aim to bring to the readers, the symbolic meaning of its presence in one's environment.

Let Ganesha's presence be a reminder that the only obstacles in our lives are our own lacks within. And let its presence also act as an inspiration to move beyond those lacks.

1. Our lack of True Listening is reminded by its Large Ears telling us that we should Listen More ….For not truly listening to our own intuition is an obstacle!!

2. Our small limited thinking often causes those obstacles. It's Big Head tells us shows us the importance of Thinking Big....Thinking the Bigger Picture. For we are all playing our part in this bigger picture and when we understand what our part and role is, we are able to act it and play it to its highest potential.

3. The Axe acts as a reminder to cut the cords that keep us in the past, cut free & loose free from the attachments. For it is the baggage of the past that we all carry which eventually weighs us down and hinders our movement forwards in life. And this also helps us stay in the present moment.

4. It's Small Eyes tells us and reminds us of the power of focus and concentration we need towards our goals. For the lack of it is but an obstacle in reaching those goals.

5. It's Small Mouth asks us to speak less and ask us to understand the power of our own words. For the lack of speaking our words wisely is but a major obstacle in our own lives.

6. Rope is an epitome pulling us towards our highest goals, our purpose in life, that for which we are here on this Earth. It shows us and reminds us that all happens in order to pull us towards towards that purpose. For the lack of that pull of rope in our life will in itself become an obstacle by tying us down.

7. Ganesha showers upon us its Blessings. It asks us to remember always that our Higher Self is always protecting and blessing us for our highest good even when it doesn't seem like or feel like and to have enough trust in our own True Self.

8. Its Trunk reminds us and teaches us the importance of adaptability and efficiency. Something that the year 2020 has taught us quite well! Developing these qualities often removes the obstacles of staying stuck in old patterns and habits. Freeing us to be and do that which propels us further towards our highest goal and purpose.

9. It's Large Stomach reminds us the power of digestion! For it is the lack of not being able to digest all the experiences that life gives us for our growth, that often leads to 'indigestion" and an obstacle to 'take in' more enriching life experiences.

10. Its one Tusk acts as a reminder of the importance of retainment - Retaining the good and expelling the bad. Whether it is the constant information that is at our disposal or the experiences we have had, it asks us to retain only that which is beneficial for our highest goal and purpose in life.

11. . Madaka is an epitome of rewards of sadhana. While we might not see the rewards and results immediately , it reminds us that true sadhana is ultimate remover of obstacles and that sadhana is doing all of the above relentlessly and persistently.

12. Prasad shows us that this whole world is at our feet and for our asking. But the question is do we know what to ask for? What we truly want? For not knowing truly we what want is often a major obstacle in moving forward in life.

13. Finally, the Mouse depicts one important lesson to keep in mind. And that is Desire. Our desires are endless and that often hinders us from truly pursuing and working towards one main desire and that is our heart’s desire. This asks us to not get distracted by endless meaningless desires but rather develop the only desire which is to live towards the greater purpose and highest goals. For the lack of it is but an obstacle on our path of highest goal and purpose.

Ganesha is an epitome, a reminder that the only obstacle is but within and the only way to face and overcome them is by learning to transform all that which we lack into something greater and bigger than our own self.

When paired and combined with the right crystal it amplifies the qualities needed to create the right results. Self. When we remove these obstacles that hinder us from seeing the path ahead and moving towards an abundant life, we realize that it was always there!!

May Ganesha help us remove all the obstacles in the form of lack within….

May Ganesha assist us on moving forward towards our highest goals & purpose in life....

May Ganesha remind us of the good luck and wisdom that we all have within…..

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