• Ronak Mehta

"Be a Game Changer, the world has enough followers."

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

As i pondered upon this quote, i wondered what was more important for me in my life, in my personal growth & in my work – gaining a large number of ‘followers’ or becoming a ‘Game Changer’.

The answer was pretty obvious, the latter!!

In the midst of the ‘following’ era – whether it’s following fashion trends, or latest diets...celebrity gossips or latest news....following on twitter or on other social media platforms....we seem to have adapted the ‘following’ trend pretty well.  So all we do is follow someone.... or allow someone to follow us.

Despite all the positive aspects of the ‘following-follower’ trend, I asked myself-

Why become just another follower who wants to be followed? Why not become a Game Changer’?

So, what does it mean to be a Game Changer? How does one become a Game


It meant I had to first learn to “Follow my own voice” which meant creating more awareness, practicing mindfulness and staying focused. It meant overcoming my doubts, fears and learning to trust to “Follow my own light”.  Becoming a game changer meant, I had to learn to “Follow my heart”.....more than my mind. It meant looking at this magical jewellery in a completely different way and sharing it with the world and this is what I aim to share with my forthcoming blogs.

Then yes, I do want to be a follower.... follower of people whom I admire, whose works and teachings inspire me and enhance my life. And yes, I do want to be followed, by people who feel the same way....about my posts, blogs and Disney Jewellery – for its in the Art of giving’ where one changes the game around.

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