• Ronak Mehta

Covid-20 Ways to Unlock the Genie within - Part 1 & 2

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Like so many things it is not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that counts." #Aladdin

One week into the #lockdown2020 and suddenly, came the feeling of being like the Genie trapped in a lamp! But unlike Aladdin, who found his #magiclamp in the #caveofwonders , how was I to find my magic lamp to unlock the Genie within?

#walkwithmi on this magical journey as we each turn the #covid19 into the best thing that has ever happened to Mi&u !!

Watch the #YouTube video to see how we each can turn Covid-19 into Covid - 20 Ways to unlock the Genie within!

To help you turn your Covid - 19 in to Covid -20 ways to unlock the Genie, use this free pdf printable to 'Ink what you Think'.

Two more weeks into the #lockdown and I was more than adamant to unlock the Genie within! But the question was Why?! Is it only because I feel like the #genie trapped in the lamp? After all as soon as the lock down is over, the feeling will go away right? That's when I knew it was time to start with a big and honest WHY! Why do I want to unlock the genie within?

Walk with Mi on this journey as we each walk the talk and ground ourselves with the commitment needed to literally inhale, breathe, live, act upon and direct our break down of Covid -19 into the C-O-V-I-D-20 ways and words to unlock the Genie within.

'Ink what you Think' with this free pdf printable to ground your commitment with a strong sense of WHY.

The one quote I 'd like to end this #blog is from the #Disney movie #Dumbo - "The very thing that holds you down is going to lift you up & up."

So let's us collectively turn this Covid-19 into Covid -20 ways to unlock the genie within.