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Doesn't it feel like 'I am the Genie' trapped in the lamp?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As we globally and collectively get through these challenging times, as we socially distance ourselves not only from the world but from our friends & family and consciously choose #selfisolation #socialsolitude...... we might feel like the #genie trapped in the lamp, as the uncertainty of this current #coronapandemic brings forth.

We might feel - "But oh to be free, such a thing would be greater than all the magic & all the treasures in all the world" - Genie (Aladdin)

But that's where, if we only understand and realize that, it's in the darkest of times that we find our true light.....we might just turn these challenging times into unleashing the #geniewithin and emerge stronger and greater than the pre-#corona phase .

The collective experience of #stayinghomechallenge and #selfimposedisolation, might surface #fears and #insecurites within us at all levels, but at the same time it will also arise in us a new sense of value and meaning to the word - Freedom.

So even though, we might feel like the genie trapped in the lamp and wanting to get out as soon as possible, wanting to be free.... We can for the first time in the history of mankind, rewrite the statement we so believed in

' United we stand, divided we Fall '


' Divided we stand, United in mind and spirit '

So, as we each value and cherish those simple treasures that we so took for granted in our daily lives - that simple walk in the park, those fun-filled dinners with our family at our favorite restaurants, , those brain storming sessions with colleagues at work, playing leisurely sports with our friends, seeing off our kids to school, a fun night out with our besties, that heart to heart conversation with a loved one over a coffee, and so much more -

Let us collectively use this #socialdistancing time to - unleash the #geniewithin , become the best versions of ourselves and focus on our personal growth . For it is only when - the genie is out of the lamp, this lamp of conditioned mind & body, we are the best versions of ourselves, we have grown as an individual - that we can we create miracles not only for ourselves but for the mankind as whole.

So let us emerge stronger than ever, greater than never before, for it is only when we feel trapped that we even attempt to break free!

And let us remember what this #coronapandemic has shown us is that even if we are divided physically, we are united in mind and spirit - and if we each unleash the genie within, together we can emerge stronger, greater and better than never before. But we each must play our part, our role to the fullest and the best of our ability.... we must each find the true light within and let it shine bright in these dark times.

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