• Ronak Mehta

"Embrace what makes you different.....to make a difference."

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Embrace what makes you different."

As I pondered upon this quote from the movie ‘Dumbo’, as to how it applied to my life in particular, I was amazed by the profoundness of this quote and the deep insight it brought about in me.

It’s only when you truly embrace yourself that different doors in life open up . It’s as if, finally you agree to being you and accept yourself' just the way you are. That’s when your true purpose in life shines and all the possibilities related to it open up. Suddenly new opportunities come your way, new people show up in life and meaningful coincidences occur.

This is true in my life when at one point in time, I allowed a lot of social media to influence me. Where unconsciously, because I didn’t embrace myself with all my differences and accept my own uniqueness, I landed up believing everyone else but me! I thought I should be someone else who is more successful and should do what they were doing instead. And as I began contemplating on this quote, I realized that reading and listening to other people's success stories as a source of inspiration is good but only if you have accepted and embraced your uniqueness first. For the inspiration lies not in doing or following the same but in realizing that the magic is within and it will shine through only when you embrace all that which makes you different. The inspiration is in realizing that behind each success story is the person who walked his own individual path and trying to follow their steps and hoping to reach their success is but a waste of your life's journey. It's like telling the universe that even though my path is different I want to follow their steps hoping to get their success results.

This leads me to another quote from the movie -"The very things that hold you down lift you up."

Trusting that the the differences exist for a reason is the first step towards embracing yourself. Even though Dumbo was ridiculed for his big ears, it was the very same imperfection that helped him not only to fly, but to soar! And even though at first he believed that his ability to fly was because of the magic feather, he finally realized that it was him who had the magic within. This made me realize that I have lived most of my life with how the world thought it should be and was trying hard to succeed only to fail each time! It wasn't until I embraced all that what made me different, that I was able to stand on the thresholds of new opportunities with new beginnings. The very things that held me down...began to lift me up!!

This leads me to yet another quote from the movie - "Follow your Dreams, they know the way."

Your dreams are yours for a reason and it's only when you believe in them, that what you are meant to do comes forth. Embracing your life's journey with all its uniqueness will shine your path of purpose to follow and live. It finally struck me that universe helps and assists those who embrace their differences completely. And even though, at times one might need an anchor-like magic feather to move past one's fears, one soon realizes that it's the magic within; which brings out true potentials and super powers.

With this I welcome you to delve deeper in yourself to contemplate on how it applies to your life's journey to open up your new doors to magic within. Make it a part of your life in the form of jewelry inspired by Disney Dumbo. Keeping your magic feather close to your heart not only to fly but to soar!

A magical gift, not only for yourself, but for the ones who make a difference in your life.

Embrace what makes you different..... to make a difference.