• Ronak Mehta

"With Great Responsibility comes Great Power."

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" ... but I came to experience that with "Great Responsibility comes Great Power".

As I started contemplating on ways to establish my online shop and seek ways to reach as many people as possible, 'Social Media' came as the best option without doubt. That meant using all available tools that I could possibly manage by myself. Quickly I realized , the importance of approaching social media influencers, and approached them hoping to increase my sales. While couple of them did help me promote and increase my online presence, there were few others who had bigger projects and choose otherwise.

That’s when I asked myself -

What makes people want to buy something? Why should they buy jewellery inspired by Disney characters and movies?

Is it because they are influenced by social media? Is it because they just need something new , something different? Is it because they love anything related to Disney? Is it that wearing it will make them feel happier, prettier, etc..? Or is it something I am going to have to 'research' (assume) and work my game plan around it?

As I began updating my marketing skills, I came across the classical methods of identify your target group, identify your niche, find out what they want and cater to them, create stories around them and so on. While that's how major marketing strategies work - to build trust and market products/services through endorsing celebrities, well - known public figures and currently the trend of social media influencers.

As much as I respect all of it - the hard work behind it, the dedication, the creativity, the content, the family of followers that they have - It does make one powerful and along with it comes the 'Great Responsibility' of choosing wisely as to who, how and what they are influencing .

This made me think of Elsa in Frozen, who was born with great powers and was in constant fear of accidentally misusing her powers. She became distant and secluded from her sister and everyone because of her strong emotions that seemed to cause her powers to manifest in unexpected ways. With her great powers came great responsibility.

So, I contemplated on what would it mean if the game changed around to - "With Great Responsibility comes Great Power."

I found myself asking, what does 'great responsibility' really mean? How does it bring 'Great Power'?

It lies in our ability to respond to life's scenarios. Its lies in our ability to choose what we place our attention on and decide whether something or someone is influencing or inspiring. Its lies in our ability to become conscious creators of our life story and to write our own content of life based on our own dreams, aspirations and desires which requires us to dig deep within. It lies in our ability to figure out; are we being blindly influenced or consciously inspired. Being Responsible brings with it Great Power.

‘ All that comes from mind is content’ while ‘all that is expressed from heart is connection’.

So I choose to use social media to do just that. I aim to reach everyone who chooses meaning and inspiration, over influence. It is but a medium to shed a light on my take on Disney and how each piece of Disney inspired jewellery, has been more than just a fashion statement and a trend to me. It has brought with it a deeper meaning and a lesson in my life which I share in my blogs and hope it also inspires you to reflect upon the same before choosing to make it a part of your lives.

Become your own game changer because "With great power comes great responsibility" but turning it around..."With Great Responsibility comes Great Power."

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