24k gold plated red meenakari Tortoise with Clear Quartz point. An unique gift combination of abundance

Clear Quartz Point with Red Meenakari Gold Tortoise

An epitome of 'Slow and Steady' stream of 'Crystal Clear' Thoughts - is this unique combination of Clear Quartz Point paired with Red Meenakari Gold Plated Tortoise. 
A timeless gift for all ages and all occassions.
* Clear Quartz Point : Also known as "Master Crystal". Amongst the many benefits of having one, Clear Quartz is great for bringing clarity in one's thought process.  The point helps one to stay focused and clear. With this crystal, it is all about clarity, light, reflection and amplification.  Whether manifesting, making decisions or simply clearing the mental chatter, a Clear Quartz is an essential. 
* Tortoise : A symbol of good fortune and longevity, it attracts positive energy in one's environment. 
* Comes in a gift box 
* Clear Quartz Point is cleansed and positively charged. Comes with care instructions. Similar as the photo shows. 
  • Product Features

    Clear Quartz Point

    Origin : Brazil

    Weight : 62.10gms

    Height 4.30cm

    Width 3.6cm

    Breadth 2.8cm

     Red Meenakari Tortoise 

    Size 4cm * 10cm