White gold plated Aladdin Princess Jasmine Bangle engraved with " Take your Dreams higher."

Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine Bangle


Believing is just the beginning. Once your dreams grounded with a strong sense of WHY.... now it's time to take them even higher. 

A gift of sparkle for all those who believe in taking their dreams higher. 

This Jasmine Bangle makes it impossible to forget that you can shape your own destiny.

  • Product Features

    • 14k white gold plated
    • High shine finish
    • Includes empowering quote Take your dreams higher
    • Features Jasmine's signature inside bangle
    • Hinge style bangle with clasp on left side from quote
    • Bangle height 55mm
    • Bangle width 65mm
    • Includes gift box 

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