Disney Tinkerbell Interlocking Bangle engraved with Believe, Your dreams come true & love is the way.

Disney Tinkerbell Interlocking Bangle


We all have to power to manifest our dreams. All we need to do is 'Believe' that'Dreams come true' and that 'Love is the way' to realising them. 


Let this interlocking bangle with inspirational quotes inscribed on it, be a gentle reminder and a driving force, as you work your way towards it. Three interlocking bangle set plated with 14k yellow, rose and white gold.


Don't just say it - Own it, Wear it, Live it - An empowering gift for every lady who 'Walks her talks'

  • Product Features


    • Features an inspirational quote inscription on the outside of each bangle. Famous quotes include "Your dreams come true, "Love is the way" and "Believe".
    • Also includes Tinker Bell, star, heart, and snow-flake charms attached.
    • 7cm diameter.
    • Presented in  gift box 
  • Delivery & Returns

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