24k gold plated Lord Ganesha and Two Elephants statues with natural pyrite cluster

Pyrite Cluster with Pearl Ganesha and Elephant- Gift Combo


Abundance manifests boundless ways.


This unique gift combination comes with Pyrite cluster also knowns as 'Fool's Gold' , Gold Plated Pearl Ganesha Idol with Two Gold Plated Pearl Elephants.


* Pyrite attracts abundance. Keep it on your desk in your place of work, and intend that it brings you prosperity and abundance

* Ganesha - An epitome of 'Remover of Obstacles'

* Elephants - An epitome of 'Think of the Bigger Picture' when taking concrete actions.


A gift of abundance for the ones you love.

  • Product Details

    Pyrite Cluster:

    Origin : Elba

    Weight 67.25gms

    Height 2.2cms

    Width 4.2cms

    Breadth 3.6cms

    Comes in secure packaging.

    Please note: Due to nature of crystals, they may look slightly different than what is seen on photograph. 

    * This Pyrite has been cleansed and positively  charged.  Comes with cleansing and charging instructions.